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If you want to alter an advert from time to time within reason this is free

All you do is send an e-mail with the details, but these MUST be in a fashion that is obvious and which can but either dropped in OR can be cut and pasted in.

The e-mail MUST come for the same e-mail address as the one on which it was placed

 By example within your e-mail you should write:-

After the paragraph which starts

The boat is moored at.....

And before the (next) paragraph which starts

The boat comes with....


The boat has a working torpedo tube.... (or whatever)


Replace the paragraph which reads

Very spacious open plan. The bedroom was completely gutted and rebuilt last year. Huge amount of storage within two wardrobes and large drawers under cross bed. Easy clean modern decor. New polystyrene insulation.


Very spacious open plan. The boat caught fire last year and now needs a new tiled roof and a bit of a refit. Easy clean modern decor is ruined. New polystyrene insulation required.... (or whatever).

If something like a BSC date or engine type is mentioned at the top of your advert and at the bottom in the comments you need to tell me - I will assume anything gets mentioned ONCE only.

If you wish to add or change a picture you need to say:-

Remove the picture bottom right and replace with attached....or...also include the enclosed picture (you can have up to nine).

If it is the main picture on your listing as well and you want it changed you need to say so.







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