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I am looking to buy a boat


Details of boats for sale on this web site.

I am looking to sell a boat and want a featured advert


I just want to place a free advert thanks


The advantages of advertising on here, explained in plain English, plus the easy to complete form.

I am looking to hire a narrow boat


Maybe you are not ready to buy yet?  My sister site, boatrent, may have what you are looking for.

I am looking to rent a narrow boat to live on


Looking for long term boat rental? Maybe our sister site boatrent has what you want, if not advertise YOURSELF!  (!) as a potential tenant.

I am looking to share a narrow boat


The UK's most established web site for trading in shares of boats, boatshare, is part of this group.

Why are adverts so cheap on boatsell

Adverts are FREE or only 25 for a whole year, or 35 for an indefinite advert. Why??

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Contact information.







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