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Some tips you might find handy in trying to sell your boat.
OK, you have done the most important thing, you have an advert on the Internet where your boat is shown, together with a number of pictures. Selling a boat from two lines in the classifieds is never easy, but with a web link you now have so much more!!

The first thing you need to know is your unique web address you can quote on any other adverts. This is easy!

Click here to go to the list of boats for sale and then click on the picture of your own advert. (Link opens new window)

Look at the address bar in the top of your browser and it probably says something like

Now, to quote in an advert you can drop the http:// at the start and the /index.htm at the end. So you end up with 

This is all you need to quote, where obviously "yourboat" should be substituted with the name of your boat from the or whatever.

Now, armed with this web address in your head, move forward to the where else to advertise page.








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